When I am asked to talk about a particular subject, I sometimes have problems finding my words, because I want to express my opinion in the best way possible and I don`t want people to misunderstand my message. Here is my opinion about lifestyle. I believe everyone knows the statement “a healthy life is a happy life”. I totally agree with this. Health is one of the top things people should cherish in life. On the top positions of that same list there are the people closest to us, like family and friends. I think that if you are healthy and you have the right people by your side, you can do anything.

Starting with these two essential things, you can create your own lifestyle, one which fits you, one you like, you can be whoever you want to be. In life it`s important to be original. You can have as many role models as you want, as long as you bring something more, something you,something that defines you in that style. For example in fashion: girls buy things because they like them but it might happen that those things don`t fit them as well as they would fit other girls. Buy things you like, but buy them because you look good in them not your friends or someone you saw on the street.

Then there is the attitude. I strongly believe that it`s important to know when to talk and when to shut up. Think of it this way: you want to get a new job, you are sitting on a couch waiting to go in for the interview. Someone texts you and you text back. Meanwhile, you are asked in. Your answer sounds something like:”Just a second, I have to finish writing this text message.” NO WAY.
You are now in the office and the person responsable with he HR department asks you questions and instead of answering you ask back when you can have your first vacation. WHAT??? You haven`t even started working there and you`re asking about holidays?

Be smart and know your priorities in life: you can have anything you want, just not all at once. Have patience and the good things will come to you if you know how to get them.

The key to a happy life is to be happy. For some, life is harder than for others. Be happy and think positive, work hard and don`t five up and all of your dreams will come true.

 IMG_9089 IMG_9095



Girls are usually more romantic than guys. Thats something all of us know. I said “usually” because boys also have their romantic moments now and then. Would you like to wake up in the morning and see a message like this one on your phone?

“51 reasons why I love you: I love you because have the most beautiful smile have the most beautiful eyes have the nicest back`re the sweetest are sexy are forgiving are the best person I have ever met help others are smart are sweet when you don`t realise how smart you are are polite are childish think before you act are a very emotional person are mine look good without makeup look good with makeup waited for me a long time never criticise me don`t nag me taught me to enjoy the small things in life make me happy when I see you tell me when I look good tolerate my moods know sports 26.sometimes you act like a boy 28. you did not realise I missed the number 27`re smiling are honest with me trust me`s you didn`t mention anything about cute football players since we got together 34.for some reason you love me are funny can take jokes are still reading realise how hard it is for me to write this message on this old cellphone don`t make jokes about my cellphone and my weird tastes think about me all the time have done so many things for me 42.since we got together all the love songs make sense make me a better person 44.I know you would do anything for me 45.after all this time we still have that crazy love are hardworking are stubborn don`t say anything when I criticise your driving are brave take my opinions in count are perfect.”



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