Car 2 go


Hey there! During my week in Vienna I found out more about the car2go program. I liked the idea of this project very much. In order to drive a car you have to register and then you will get a card. With that card you can open the car you want to drive. Finding a car (Smart for two) is easy. You get the app on your phone and it will show you the nearest car in the area and how much fuel it has. After you reached your destination you don`t have to worry about having to bring the car back to where you got it. You just leave it there for someone else to take or you can reserve the car to make sure no one else get it.

My friend got a card, I could`t because I don`t have a bank account in Vienna. It would have been nice to have one of my own but still, on my next trip to Vienna I will surely go on a ride with her, of course, not sitting on the driver seat, but still, I am sure I will enjoy the ride.

“A car2go is always a pleasure to drive: book it, drive it, park it. Simple and straightforward. You can always find a vehicle in your area. You open it with the member card you get when you sign up. You go from A to B, park your car2go again and that’s that. It’s fun, saves money and helps the environment.”

“Wherever you are, there’s a car2go. You can rent any of the car2gos you find distributed around the spot or book online 30 minutes before you want to drive. That way you can save yourself the wait and get to your destination faster. Once you are there you can just leave the vehicle, or go back to it if you want to drive further. There’s never been such a flexible way to get about!”

“With a car2go you don’t even have to look for parking spaces; you quickly find a gap with the compact and agile smart. You don’t have to bother with refuelling either; our service team takes care of that. And if you do have to fill up the tank, we’ll settle the bill. Driving can be that easy.”


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9 thoughts on “Car 2 go

  1. Wish this were available in Germany–and back home in the States. I must share this with my very environmentally engaged friends. they are always interested in the way Europeans excel at being “green”!

  2. Hi Bianca….mulțumiri (I think that is right!) for visiting my Western genre site…much appreciated. You have some very interesting content on your own site here! (The above post about the car-sharing/rental program is quite interesting….how many cars do we actually need, right? 😉 )
    All the best,

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