University of Vienna

IMG_8332 I spent a week in Vienna and since one of my best friend studies at Universität Wien, I decided to accompany her to the classes she had to attend.

The experience was amazing, I can`t tell you how much I enjoyed being there. It is very different from my university here in Romania. The classes are different, the relationship between teachers and students is different, everything is different.

We have courses and seminars, and we are divided into groups. In my study group for example there are 30 students, so as you can see, it is not really that different from high school. The teachers hold the seminars with one group at a time and when we have courses, we are about 60 persons in the classroom, meaning two groups.

In Vienna, after the first semester, when they have to pass the STEOP tests, they can choose their classes. They have an exact number of courses they have to attend in order to get their degree and this is it. They can graduate from collage in 6,7,8 semesters or more, depending on how many courses they choose per semester.

Well, we have a strict program, no STEOP tests because for entering the university you need the mark you get when you finish high school. In Vienna, anyone who has finished high school can enter. (Anyone who has a Baccalaureate diploma or any other similar document). When we get accepted to the university, we know exactly what courses and seminar we are going to have the next 6 semesters.

At the University of Vienna, considering the fact that there are 400 students in one classroom at some courses, the teachers can`t keep in mind everyone`s name. At my university, the teacher knows exactly who you are and if you want to ask a question or answer a question, he/she calls you by name. Of course it is much easier to work with 30 students rather than 400, when we get out of class, we know the lesson already, just like in high school.

When I was in Vienna, I really felt I was a student and I liked it even though they have so much to study, much more than we do, I liked that. I hope that soon I will have the opportunity to study one semester in a foreign country and really have the chance to compare their study program with mine here in Romania.

IMG_8327 IMG_8326  IMG_8313 IMG_8312 IMG_8311 IMG_8306 IMG_8324 IMG_8321 IMG_8331


10 thoughts on “University of Vienna

  1. Thanks for sharing your university experience in Vienna. Vienna is such a beautiful city that I look forward to visiting again hopefully in the near future. The United States has a combination of universities similar to both your friends experience in Vienna and your own experience in Romania just depends on the size. Happy travels! I look forward to reading more of your blogs 😀

  2. Great pictures, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts about how it compares to your university experience. I went to school in the U.S., but I’ve taught abroad in Honduras and visited former students in Italy who explained their university system to me. It’s amazing how much variation there is from one country to the next as to what they think is the best way to work, learn, and be evaluated.

  3. I have not yet been to Vienna but it is on my bucket list as a beautiful city with tons of history. Thanks for sharing! I also look forward to visiting Romania – best luck with your University experience and reaching your goals. Thanks also for joining my fun – daily photos from my own true vintage closet. Enjoy!

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