City breaks


Travel: my hobby. Pictures: my passion. Travel & photography: best combination. I know that every time I plan a vacation, I am so excited and happy that I forget about all my problems and focus on my trip details. It might have something to do with age, or maybe not, I am not sure. I just know I want to visit as more places as possible.

Europe is full of beautiful places and great cities. I have never travelled to a different continent, but I am looking forward to do so. Meanwhile, here are some pictures I took in different cities here in Europe.

Venice (Italy)

DSCF0715 DSCF0699 DSCF0694 DSCF0695 DSCF0716

Verona (Italy) ↓

DSCF0750 DSCF0751 DSCF0755

Prague (Czech Republic) ↓

DSC02743 DSC02948 DSCF2421 DSCF2405


10 thoughts on “City breaks

  1. Yes, Europe suits me as well. Wan´t to backpack next year if possible. But it always depend on the money of course.. and the time to do it. Nice photos anyway and thanks for following my blog. Photos is my passion, as well as traveling.

  2. Thanks for following my travel/running/archaeology blog! Wow, you have some amazing photographs. Venice! I can’t wait to visit this autumn…I will be in Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Portugal this summer and I look forward to following your posts about your travels.

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